Olay India launches #Faceanything campaign

Olay India’s latest promotional campaign features five fierce and confident women, Masaba Gupta, Kubbra Sait, Lilly Singh, Priyanka Kochhar and Payal Soni and what they think of living life sans fear.

Olay India has launched a campaign that highlights the strength of the Indian woman. The campaign is aimed at respecting the bold choices made by women that have redefined the norms of society and its standards. This campaign is aimed at changing society viewpoints which can act as an enabler in instilling confidence in women and inspiring them to be fierce about their passion and have the conviction to #faceanything that comes in the way of what they believe in and want from their life. It becomes a catalyst for them to be fearless about the choices they make and be successful in what they are passionate about.

The campaign features strong women like Masaba Gupta, Kubbra Sait, Lilly Singh, Priyanka Kochhar and Payal Soni. Since the brand believes in being fearless and fierce they have selected women who represent just that; either through their choice of career or for the decisions they have made for themselves. The company has chosen women who are achievers in their own right. These achievers are examples of the unconventional choices they have made by breaking the societal prejudices. They represent empowerment, sisterhood, bravery, fearlessness and the inner strength to #FaceAnything.

Let us talk about #faceanything:

Olay chooses the tag #Faceanything, as the brand aims at celebrating the confidence with which each woman faces the challenges of society. These challenges range from the judgemental attitudes that women have to bear in terms of their appearance, career choices or the decisions they take to lead their lives. The tag will play an inspirational role and start a conversation that will encourage women to be bold, confident and true to themselves.

Know these fearless women:

Masaba Gupta is a renowned designer who has accepted who she is with immense grace and has woven a success story about herself, therefore is the right example for #faceanything.

Kubbra Sait, an acclaimed actress who made the bold choice to be something completely different after pursuing a full-fledged corporate career but finally found her calling in acting. She is an example for people who understand the need to follow their passion hence she is well suited for #faceanything.

Priyanka Kocchar, an established model and enthusiastic motorcyclist. She decided that she wanted to give motorcycling a chance and wanted to race and she did. She was discouraged as Motorcycle racing is not typically chosen by ladies but she fought her way through and enjoys racing. She is well suited to talk about #faceanything.

Payal Soni, a plus size model showcasing body positivity has made modelling for a curvaceous lady not only possible but also something that ladies are extremely proud off and can choose for themselves too. She has faced a lot of challenges to be where she is today and is the right portrayal for #faceannything.

Lilly Singh, a comedian and YouTube icon has had to struggle through many odds and has emerged successful. It’s not very easy to get featured on Forbes list of world’s highest-paid YouTube stars but Lilly Singh has been featured in it. Her participation in #faceanything will inspire many women to be true to themselves.

Women have to face many prejudices and everybody including women is extremely judgemental towards each other. They are judged for their colour, career choices, the way they look, the growth of hair, being a mother late in life or choosing to be married and being a homemaker. They are also judged if they study engineering and ultimately want to become a school teacher. For centuries Women have been instructed to be a particular way or to dress in a particular way or even behave in a particular way. But, today things have changed no woman can be told how she needs to dress or behave or what she needs to do. Now is the time for accepting diversity and including everybody with their differences and uniqueness.  Women are defying the norms of standard and making a niche for themselves in every field possible. They are emerging winners in everything they choose to do and the primary reason for this change is because they have accepted themselves with the powers that they have been bestowed with and therefore are able to instil that confidence in others that they can take on the world as a fearless breed with fierceness and confidence.  

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