Nivea India unveils milk-based face wash range

Indian consumers of beauty and body care products surely seem to be having a good time with internationally well-established brands in the sector, launching products in the country, with ingredients that have been traditional favourites in skin care. Marking its first-ever customized offering for skin care, Nivea India has introduced a milk-based face wash range targeted at the Indian consumers

In what can be called its first-ever customized solution for the Indian skin care market, Nivea, one of the world’s leading skincare brands, has launched a series of milk-based face washes, targeting the urban consumers. Named Nivea Milk Delights, the new milk-based face cleanser series comes with local home-remedy ingredients and comprises four variants – each for dry, oily, sensitive and normal skin types. Each of the variants is available in 50 ml and 100 ml packs, which are priced at ₹ 85 and ₹ 167 per unit,  respectively.

Nivea Milk Delights was formally launched by popular Bollywood actor Tapsee Pannu, the newly signed brand ambassador of Nivea India’s face care products, at an exclusive launch event held recently in Mumbai.

The essence of milk in skin care

As the name of the new range suggests, the products covered under it are based on ‘milk’, an important natural ingredient valued highly in India for its healthy and nutritional qualities, and also a natural cleanser offering an unparalleled cleansing feature. With a pH level similar to that of the human skins, milk helps in maintaining the pH balance of the facial skin. Also, the nutritional elements of milk proteins, nourish the skin thoroughly, keeping it moisturized for a long time, according to a press release issued to the announce the launch. The fats in milk help in getting rid of excess oil and dirt from the face, and in retaining the skin’s normal moisture, according to Nivea India.

In the new range, milk is combined with traditional home remedy type ingredients such as rosewater, gram flour, saffron and honey, thereby offering gentle face wash solutions for diverse skin types. The four product variants in the range have been named as Milk Delights for Sensitive Skin with Caring Rosewater, Milk Delights for Oily Skin with Fine Gram flour, Milk Delights for Dry Skin with Moisturizing Honey and Milk Delights with Moisturizing Honey.

Speaking on what inspired the launch of the customized range, Nivea India’s Managing Director Neil George, says that the Indian consumer has a unique ‘need state’ and ‘skin type’, and they have always been missing a product that addressed the fundamental need of ‘healthy looking’ skin, which was the very definition of ideal skin by these consumers. “Nivea Milk Delights is a revolutionary approach towards face cleansing category with a solution that addresses Indian skin requirements with the real goodness of milk and natural ingredients,” he mentions in a corporate press communiqué.

On signing up with Tapsee Pannu as the company’s brand ambassador, George says that she has been the ideal choice, as she truly represents the emerging India with her attitude, style and achievements. “She is confident, authentic and caring and these are the values that resonate perfectly with Nivea,” he states.

George says that his company aims to be the Number 2 in the skin wash segment in the near future which is currently dominated by the likes of Neem Face Wash from Himalaya and Clean & Clear from Johnson & Johnson.

Market positioning strategy

He also informed that the company has put in major investments for marketing, branding and promoting the new product range.  Stating that Nivea Milk Delights was the biggest India launch for Nivea in 2019, he revealed the company was spending substantially on market positioning, branding and pricing and these also include investments in stores and media space. He added that the media campaign for the new range product will continue for about five more years.

The marketing plans also included a soon-to-be-launched talk show to be hosted by Tapsee Pannu, wherein the actor will share skincare knowledge and tips. Delving further into the significance of content marketing in the beauty and healthcare segment, George says that consumers have been looking for “serious healthcare advice for healthy skin”. “Women either look up on YouTube or go by word of mouth about a certain product. Since Nivea India is the No. 1 in skin and healthcare products, we decided to go for content for consumers from where they would get the right advice on specific topics.”

Nivea is the flagship offering of Hamburg, Germany-based, Beiersdorf AG, one of the world leaders in skin care products, and which boasts over 130 years of experience in this sector. Its offering portfolio also includes other brands such as Eucerin, La Prairie, Labello, and Hansaplast/Elastoplast. The company has about 18,000 employees worldwide and is listed on the DAX, the German benchmark equities index.

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