Wound management specialist Dermozone introduces five skin care products

In a tropical country like India, the need for suitable, safe and soothing skin products meeting various needs has evolved over the decades but with certain limits on research and availability. This has lent itself to most customers not fully aware of products specific to wounds, diabetics and infant care. Providing a deep value and offering in this very niche segment, Indonesian based Dermozone with its extensive 18-year research makes its mark in India with products matching these special needs. Here’s a news report.

Indonesia-based Dermozone, a wound treatment and skin care products maker plans to introduce five skin care products under its brand, ‘+dalethyne’.  These products will be introduced under two main product classes: Dermozone Acne range and Dermozone Baby range. The products to be introduced under the Acne range include acne wax, face wash and face scrub. The products under the Baby class will be baby wax and baby massage oil, according to a report published by the BioSpectrum magazine.

A new medicine: +dalethyne

The company has formed a new entity, Indo-Dermozone Herbal Pvt Ltd for this venture. Dermozone claims that +dalethyne can help people manage their chronic, deep-rooted, severe and burn wounds effectively and efficiently. In an interview to Economic Times Health World, the company’s founder and chairman, Kayapan Satya Dharshan informs that +dalethyne is a new medicine with 15 to 18 compounds in it. It is derived after changing the compound of fatty acid in the oil and can conveniently handle wounds in the scale of 0-4B. For patients suffering from health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, HIV, and kidney related ailments, +dalethyne, he mentions, can be a very useful for wound management. 

The market moves

The company is looking for suitable companies in India to tie up with for the distribution and sales of these upcoming skin care products to be introduced. To market its +dalethyne-based wound care products, the company has roped in a New Delhi based healthcare products distribution company, Alniche Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Alniche will shoulder the responsibility of the distribution of all the wound-healing products of Dermozone in the Indian market.

+dalethyne, the company informs, undergoes a process of fatty acid segregation of extra virgin olive oil, and consists of a clinically tested compound. In addition to the products mentioned above, the company also intends to launch MedCare Ozonated olive oil, its another leading product. The company initially sold this product online via its corporate e-Commerce portal. Now available in the open market, the product in India, the product is priced at INR 1,400 for a 40 ml tin. As mentioned earlier, all of the products launched consist of its patented ingredient, +dalethyne.

Concrete plans for cosmetic products

Dermozone was established in 2000, under the stewardship of Kayapan Satya Dharshan, the Founder and Chairman who worked on the company’s formula for treating deeply seated aliments of skin—an innovation that has also won him a patent and recognition under Novel Innovation Patent criterion. The company claims that its herbal ingredients-based products are recognized globally. These products are available under categories of Wound, AcneWax, Products Pharmacies and Clinics.

The company has secured an initial venture funding of $4 million. The company hopes that these funds will give it the ability to garner revenues to the tune of $22 million over the next three years. According to a research report by Techavio, the global dermatology market is expected to reach $1.17 billion by 2022. The drivers behind the demand for cosmetic dermatology include, among other things, the ballooning global population, young and working professional seeking the latest and innovative products, the middle-aged and senior citizens seeking to sustain their looks and remedies to keep looking their youthful best.

At present, Dermozone has its manufacturing units in the UK, USA, Japan, Russia, South Korea and China besides Indonesia. Going forward, the company plans to invest in setting up a manufacturing plant in India.