Wild Stone introduces men’s grooming products

The renowned cosmetics manufacturer headquartered at the city of joy, McNROE is expanding its product basket under the Wild Stone brand targeted at men

Image source: www.mcnroe.com

The House of McNROE has launched a seven-product men’s grooming range under its Wild Stone Edge Collection while exploring newer advertisement strategies.

Endeavouring to promote an affable brand persona with its tagline, log toh notice karenge hi, the company hopes to achieve favourable consumer response for its new products under the Wild Stone brand across the country.

However, McNROE seeks to extend the quality of affability to its latest launches in a different light. With this launch, the company intends to attract a younger, college-going segment of consumers. Hence the tag, #JustFriendsNoMore, as it instantly puts the spotlight on the younger masses. The company, now headed by Ankit Daga, son of the promoter Narendra Kumar Daga plans to expand its business from fragrances and perfumes to a wider personal care category of cosmetics.

The company’s newest range of products under the Wild Stone Edge Collection includes shower gel, hair gel, face wash and shaving foam. The Edge series previously involved perfume, deodorant and after-shave lotion. 

The new campaign

Though the company’s previous campaign earned Wild Stone an Effie Honour for Best Marketing Campaign in 2017, the task in hand, considering the new launch was to target a  group of younger consumers. While the idea behind the protagonist ‘Kunal’ in its brand commercial was of a guy who could flatter a woman’s family, the newer product revolves around a college guy who could flatter the girl after using the perfume – projected as a peppier and livelier fragrance.

Though Wild Stone proves to be a star product for boys and men alike, the company is also expanding its female grooming segment launching fresh products under its Secret Temptation range targeted at female consumers.

While 70 per cent of the company’s revenue comes from deodorants, the non-deodorant products account for the remaining 30 per cent. These include talcum powder, wet wipes and shaving products. The men’s skincare products industry has boomed during the past few years and has many companies responding to the target group’s needs. Understanding this growth and need, a separate segment of McNROE is being dedicated to establishing these latest products after its two successive launches – Secret Temptation and Wild stone. With this, the company hopes to create a new consumer-base and increase consumer loyalty towards its brand.

Fragrance: The secret element

Wild Stone’s selective ‘fragrances’ being their strongest attribute, introducing newer brands and categories within it would increase their demand and consumer satisfaction, claims the company. Wild Stone’s previous advertising campaign worked wonders for the company’s products, triggering further brand developments, the company mentions. By advertising it across different media like print and digital and focusing majorly on television, consumers chose Wild stone for its easy going yet tempting flair. With McNROE’s latest addition to the Edge series, it aims to take this affability further, in a more spirited fashion.

The ulterior reason behind this launch can be derived from its various other competitors also launching a few high-end products in the male grooming category. Currently, Vini cosmetics (Fogg) has a 16 per cent volume market share in Q1 2018, McNROE (Wildstone and Secret Temptation combined) has a 9.9 per cent share, followed by ITC (Engage), Nivea and Park Avenue. There also exists a stiff competition in the online segment from brands like Gillette, Garnier Men, Beardo, etc.

Starting off as a small factory in Orissa and then establishing a house in Kolkata, McNROE was named after the tennis legend John McEnroe. Launching brands like Secret Temptation (perfumes and deodorants for women), Heavens Garden (luxurious fragrances for the premium consumer) and Wild Stone (grooming products for men), the company claims to have become the second largest manufacturer of deodorants outperforming the competition. Backed by its sustained commercials and promotions, McNROE says to be steadily expanding its business footprint and consumer base. 

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