Sidharth Malhotra endorses MyGlamm’s new makeup line

Are all the beauty and body care products that we use, tested initially on animals? Well, most of them are. But there are some, which are supposedly tested on Bollywood actors! In a recent  development, the actor Siddharth Malhotra has endorsed the cosmetics and makeup products brand, MyGlamm. The new LIT collection will be available at retail stores besides on and



Have you ever heard of a man being signed as the brand ambassador of a line of women’s makeup products? MyGlamm, a renowned brand in women’s makeup products, has precisely done that! They have signed Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra to be the face of their latest collection, LIT.

In a press release announcing the launch and the new brand ambassador, MyGlamm’s Chief Marketing Officer Malaika Mahtaney, says, “We’re excited about having a male actor as the face of the campaign as a way of conveying that while our products are not tested on animals, they may, more often than not, be ‘tested’ on coveted men.”

Reflecting the dazzle and glitter of Bollywood 

Siddharth Malhotra, who is excited about this unique campaign, says that he was initially not keen to sign up for the product, but what made him do so, was the campaign’s theme – #TestedOnSID. He explains, “I signed up as a willing guinea pig because I’d any day sign up for a product that is not tested on animals.” With the theme #TestedOnSID, the campaign also tries to draw attention to a cruelty-free philosophy.

Expressing his views on the LIT collection, Malhotra says, “I think LIT’s colors represent today’s young ladies: confident, strong, self-assured, and unafraid to express themselves. I hope their men clear the ‘test’ with flying colors.”

He goes on to add in a media interview that his experience of endorsing a women’s beauty product has changed his perception of the beauty standards maintained by the fairer sex. He points out that it has been a learning experience for him to learn the efforts that go into a women’s makeup, and the art of getting ready.

The LIT collection by MyGlamm was initially launched exclusively on But now, in addition to the online market place, it is also available on It also has a presence at the MyGlamm retail stores across India. The collection comprises bold and statement-making lip and eye products, that include Satin Matte lipsticks in 14 shades; pH Lip Balms that adapt to each wearer’s lips, giving them a unique, custom color; and vibrantly-pigmented Matte Lipliner and Eyeliner Pencils, the press release stated.

Focus on ease of use

MyGlamm products are stated to be conceptualized, formulated and manufactured in laboratories in Italy and Germany. The products, which have been developed to simplify a woman’s makeup routine, have innovation for ease at their heart, and have been created to ensure innovation for use, according to the company website.

The website claims that all MyGlamm products are multi-functional, and use innovation to not only decrease the number of products you need to carry in your handbag but also, reduce the number of steps you need to take while applying makeup. With its single use products, the company has created new textures, specific applicators, and unique formats which simplify and reduce the amount of time you need to do your makeup. So whether you are looking for a wheel applicator for your eyelids, an enthralling powder in a pencil, or five of your face products in one, MyGlamm makes sure that makeup is the last thing you need to worry about, claims the company website.

MyGlamm’s products are targeted at upwardly mobile globetrotters whose routine schedules are packed with tour plans to places like New York, Mumbai or Milan and more. The target customers are thus, busy consumers–men as well as women wherein friends, family members, class-mates and colleagues vie for their time.

MyGlamm, backed by one of Europe’s largest natural beauty companies, informs to be collaborating with global experts and makeup artists to bring about innovations in makeup to accomplish its singular goal of making “looking glamorous” an effortless activity. The company’s multi-functional products claim to be using innovation to reduce the number of products a consumer needs to carry in her (or his) handbag but also cut down the number of steps (s)he needs to follow while applying makeup.  In case of its single use products, the company informs to have created new textures, precise applicators, and new formats aimed at simplifying and reducing the amount of time a customer needs to do her/ his makeup. 

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