Seaweed cosmetic and beauty brand Algotherm enters India

There is a growing interest in healthy, natural and organic beauty products amongst consumers in India and the rest of the world. Due to the inherent benefits of natural and pure ingredients, the cosmetic products based on these ingredients work better for skin, hair, lips, and eyes and also enhance human beauty naturally. Trying to ride this newfound interest in herbal and natural ingredients, the France-based cosmetic product brand, Algotherm has entered the Indian market with its range of products

The French cosmetic and beauty brand Algotherm has entered the Indian market with its exotic range of beauty products. Specially made from the extracts of Algohydra, a type of algae that helps to nourish and hydrate the skin, the products introduced by the company include creams, gels, face masks, and serums to name a few. Laboratoires Gilbert, the company that owns the brand, Algotherm, has registered its India operations under the name, Gilbert Jain Laboratory Pvt Ltd.

Algotherm’s products are based on the practice of Algotherapy, which, as described by as is the therapeutic use of seaweed in Thalassotherapy treatments. These products, the company claims, incorporate 29 active marine ingredients including algae which are highly concentrated in essential nutrients. The company’s research and development laboratory has identified 29 active marine ingredients that it claims meet the needs of all skin types.

Laboratoires Gilbert states that it is committed to the protection of the environment. The company informs that it uses raw materials that are naturally found and environment-friendly. Even the process of collecting the required raw material, the company claims, is environment-friendly. Some of the Algotherm products being launched include comfort cleaning emulsion and cleansing milk, cocooning mask and comfort enzymatic exfoliating gel.

The product basket

To start with, the company is launching its 16 products in India. This number is expected to go up to 70 within its first year of operations in the country. The company also plans to provide specialised training in the country by opening training centres where it will educate consumers about the benefits and the right method of application of its cosmetic products. The training centre activity has been undertaken under the Indian government’s ‘Skill India’ initiative that aims at imparting relevant skills to the Indian citizens so that they become employable by the industry. The first batch of training centres and spas will be opened in New Delhi and Mumbai, followed by Chennai and Bengaluru. The activity of opening the training centres and spas is expected to be completed within the current calendar year of 2019.

Highlighting that such initiatives and ventures are in the long-term interest of the consumers from India, the French ambassador to India, Alexandre Ziegler, highlights that this latest initiative of Algotherm’s India product launch has happened in the backdrop of the strong ties between India and France.

One of the prominent competitors of Algotherm is the Israel-based Dead Sea Cosmetics. However, the 110 years old Laboratoires Gilbert claims that Algotherm, backed by its 55 years research and development effort on Algotherm, aims at helping the Indian consumers to treat the ill-effects of toxins and the high stress levels due to the fast modern urban life of working women and men in India.

The go-to-market provisions

For the distribution for these products, the company has tied up with e-commerce players such as Nykaa, Flipkart and Amazon. The company’s products include a wide range of marine merchandise and cover areas such as family healthcare, beauty and well-being, infant products, hospitals and even assistant homes for the elderly. The company has also set up industrial units which are active in the areas of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. These give it the necessary impetus to foster even better quality products and formulas that help it in the markets that it sells and operates in.

Currently, the company is present in eight countries across the globe and has a combined staff strength of 1,000. The company boasts of having 60,000 client pharmacies. It has also under its belt 30 trademarks to its credit and with 1900 products available on shelves.

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