Plantable cosmetics next on Sprout roadmap

Product range to be developed in collaboration with global cosmetics majors.

Sustainable pencils pioneer Sprout Europe ApS is gearing up to add plantable cosmetics to its product range. As per a recent news report on Bloomberg Quint, the five-year old Danish startup will unveil these offerings in early 2019. 

The new cosmetics range from Sprout will consist of plantable lip liners and eyeliners. Once the product is exhausted, its stub can be planted (similar to Sprout’s patented plantable pencils). The company plans to develop its sustainable lip liners and eyeliners in collaboration with global cosmetic brands.  

Sprout has been an innovator with its concept of embedding an easy to germinate seed capsule at the bottom of each pencil. When pencils become too short for writing, users can plant the stub in a pot and water it. These pencils are available with herbs, flowers or vegetable seeds. Some of the non-GMO easy to grow seeds include sunflower, basil, lavender, cherry tomato, sage, thyme, chia and daisy. 

Sustainable and non-toxic components are claimed to be at the core of each Sprout pencil. This includes the use of biodegradable seed capsules and PEFC/FSC-certified wood. The company claims to use 100% natural clay and graphite cores in each pencil. 

The Sprout range has seen widespread corporate adoption over the years, with poster clients such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Porsche and Ikea. Sprout offers customisation options such as colours, seeds and engraving for its corporate clients. It also sells its products to retail users through international online portals such as Amazon USA. 

Products similar to Sprout’s plantable pencils are now being offered by Indian companies—primarily through various online portals. The Danish firm does not have a sales presence in India at the moment.