Indian fashion brand, Kazo, diversifies into fragrances

People who are fashion conscious and who swear by a particular fashion brand generally tend to stick to the same brand if it also has a complementary product range. Many of the reputed brands are diversifying into different product segments to capitalize on this tendency of the consumer. In line with this trend, the Indian fashion brand, Kazo, has entered the cosmetics segment by introducing its range of fragrances. The Bollywood Celebrity Athiya Shetty, the brand ambassador has launched five products for different occasions

Diversifying further into the fashion industry, Kazo, a reputed Indian brand for fashionable western wear, has unveiled its very own fragrance collection.  The launch happened at the hands of Bollywood celebrity, Athiya Shetty, at a fashion show organized exclusively to mark the occasion, in Mumbai on February 14, 2019.

The collection that was launched included Kazo’s fragrances, named Dekoded, Edit, Konstant, Urba and Shi – all curated by Divya Aggarwal, Creative Director of Kazo, according to a press release issued by the company, announcing the launch. The release described Dekoded as an exotic, distinctive, warm and sensuous evening perfume; Edit, as an audacious, spicy and bold evening scent; Konstant as a fresh, sparkling, young and vibrant day and night perfume; Urba as a delicate yet bold, floral yet spicy, mysterious yet sparkling day perfume; and Shi as a delicate, soft, calming and powdery day perfume.

The newly launched collection gives a distinctive range of fragrances appropriate for the different occasions, states the release. These occasions could be a brunch with friends or a date night with the loved one. A stylish look with a fragrance to match the occasion makes a lady feel more attractive, confident while enhancing her happiness levels, the press release adds.

Ramp show as a launch pad

As a launch pad for the new collection, a ramp-show was organized, wherein the fragrances were unveiled in an entertaining presentation starting with Kazo’s Valentine’s apparel collection themed ‘Put on Love’. This was followed by a session featuring Kazo’s soon to be launched Denim’s collection.

The third and final segment was where the fragrance collection was ceremoniously launched. For this session of the ramp show, the fragrance collection was revealed in a grand fashion, that evoked big applause from the audience present, claimed the press release. Each display in this segment was themed around the particular fragrance in the collection that the model was holding or presenting! This segment culminated with Athiya Shetty walking the ramp carrying a bottle of the Kazo Konstant fragrance.

The press release quoted Athiya Shetty as saying that she was all about elegance and comfort, both of which are the essence of the Kazo’s new fragrance collection. “It’s an exciting opportunity to be a part of celebrating the Kazo fragrance launch! I loved all the five fragrances launched by Kazo. Edit is my favourite among the collection as it depicts the confidence of women.”

The fashion legacy

According to the company’s website, Kazo is a world-class high street western wear brand offering the newest fashion for dressed up occasions at an affordable price for the new Indian woman. The brand offers the latest stylish contemporary fashion and represents a mindset and an attitude; instead an age. Kazo consistently strives to push the envelope to bring the best and the latest fashion trends from around the globe, for the benefit of the Indian woman. It is exclusively designed for the modern Indian woman who is confident, glamorous and sensual, and who also, leads a sophisticated lifestyle, the website states.

The first Kazo Store was opened in 2007 by Deepak Aggarwal, the Founder and Managing Director of Kazo. The Kazo fashion collection was launched with the objective of filling the gap in the Indian market for an affordable range of dressed up international fashion wear. In a short period, the Kazo homegrown contemporary fashion brand for the Indian woman has been able to establish itself as one of the most popular Indian fashion retailers and apparel brands, the website claims.