GKhair Professional debuts color products in India

Beauty product consumers in India are increasingly becoming aware of the international consumption trends in the segment globally. Resultantly, there is a growing demand for ‘grooming’ in urban and also, non-urban regions. To leverage this trend, global beauty brands are giving the Indian market a higher priority for its product launches. The global hair care products brand Gkhair Professional has launched Color Masque line and made it available for all salon partners

GKhair Professional, a globally established name in hair taming and smoothing products, has introduced in India its color products for the first time – with the launch of its Color Masque product line.

The Color Masque line is available in the colors lavender, red and blonde. Using it also enhances your hair health with its deep conditioning and nourishing properties, the first to be offered by any hair-color brand in the world, a company press release claims. The new range is available at all GKhair Professional’s partner salons across India.

The new range was formally launched in India jointly by GKhair Professional’s Founder, CEO and President, Ván Tibolli; and Arpit Jain, Founder and Managing Director of Auraine Botanicals Pvt. Ltd., the company’s exclusive channel partner in the country.

Aesthetics and nourishment

Informing that the launch of GKhair Professional’s first color product in India also happens to be the global launch of the product, Tibolli says India’s hair care market in India is currently witnessing a big growth with the rising popularity of grooming both in urban as well as non-urban regions. “With rising global influences, higher purchasing power and growing image consciousness among both men and women, there is an increased potential for growth due to the escalating demand perceived from the consumer end. With Color Masque, we not only offer aesthetic value to our consumers, but also nourishing properties for the hair – which no other brands offer,” he states in the press release.

Jain opines that the launch of Color Masque starting with India is just one of the many more milestones to cross in the future for the GKhair Professional- Auraine Botanicals partnership. “We are glad to partner with a brand that has been the lead in numerous innovations in the hair care segment across the globe. India as a nation is growing at an unprecedented pace and this growth brings with it higher consumer awareness and international trends consumption. The superior product quality, backed by advanced technology and product innovation, makes GKhair Professional a leader in the category,” he is quoted in the press release.

Investment in research

GKhair Professional, one of the world’s leading names in ‘the science of hair’, claims to make substantial investment in research and development to constantly advance hair care technology, in their quest to offer innovative products. It is the first and only company in the world to exploit the beauty benefits of Juvexin, which is a blend of proteins extracted from sheep wool through an environmental-friendly process, claims the release, adding that in its products, Juvexin is delivered to the hair in its natural state. The ‘GKhair Hair Taming System with Juvexin’ is stated to restore hair by re-pairing and ensuring long-term hair conditioning and safeguard. Juvexin is GKhair Professional’s foundation in creating controllable, frizz-free, and beautiful looking hair, according to a report in a beauty sector news website.

Since 2007, Ván Tibolli has guided GKhair Professional to become a leader in its segment. Today, the company has evolved into a developer, trendsetter, marketer and global distributor of the most advanced hair care products in the world, says the release.

GKhair Professional products are used and recommended by top hair professionals in the finest salons across the world. Its product lines are represented by the industry’s most esteemed hair stylists and educators, states the company website.

The company has a comprehensive training academy at its Fort Lauderdale, Florida headquarters to educate stylists, salon owners and other industry professionals. It also has many trainers and educators in the sector who work with the distribution partners to ensure that every salon professional who uses GKhair’s line of products, is certified and fully understands the benefits for their clients.