Future Consumer launches Braille-friendly ThinkSkin pack

Manufacturers today, especially those in the body care and FMCG product sectors, are going all out to woo consumers, with a number of innovative ways. The innovation is nowadays not only restricted to the ingredients and quality of the products, but also on user-friendly packaging. In line with its FMCG 2.0 approach of enhancing the consumer experience, Future Consumer has introduced a Braille friendly packaging for its ThinkSkin body wash products.

With the objective of improving the product usage experience of the visually impaired, Future Consumer Limited, a leading sourcing-to-supermarket company, has unveiled a Braille-friendly packaging for its body wash brand, ThinkSkin. The launch event was aptly held on the World Braille Day, which also marks the birth anniversary of Louis Braille who had invented Braille, a tactile code that helps the visually impaired or partially sighted people to read by touch. The Braille-friendly package was launched at the hands of the captain of the Indian men’s cricket team, Ajay Kumar Reddy.

ThinkSkin is a body wash brand that aims at encouraging customers to use a body wash instead of a soap. The unveiling of the Braille packaging is in line with Future Consumer’s vision of representing the FMCG 2.0 industry and enhancing the consumer experience, according to a press release issued by the company to announce the launch. ThinkSkin offers stylish bath products that include exotic body washes at an inexpensive price range.

Enhancing the consumer experience

The new ThinkSkin Braille-enabled bottles represent the company’s contemporary FMCG 2.0 attitude. The packaging has been judiciously designed for easy access and recognition of the bottle for the benefit of the visually impaired consumer. According to the press release, the newly packaged product is available at the price of a soap.

Designed for the visually impaired, Braille packaged ThinkSkin body washes will be available at Big Bazaar, Big Bazaar GenNXT, Easyday, Nilgiris, Heritage retail outlets across the country.

Speaking during the launch event, Future Consumer Limited’s Managing Director Ashni Biyani, opined that while the sense of touch is used by everyone for numerous requirements, there are some who rely only on this sense, and this is what formed the core idea behind the Braille-packaging initiative. He says that being an FMCG 2.0 company, Future Consumer Limited offers a number of innovative products that make life simpler the consumers. “Braille packaging is a small step aimed at helping the visually impaired in their daily routine. Shortly, we plan to unveil never-seen-before innovation in product and packaging that will take the consumer experience to the next level.” He states that the ThinkSkin brand facilitates consumers to graduate to body wash from using a soap, and that too, at the price of a soap.

Furthering justifying the initiative, the company’s Head of Home and Personal Care, Keshav Biyani, says that advancements in technology gives manufacturers an opportunity to experiment not only with the main product but also with its packaging, an effort that can also add to consumer convenience. “Braille-friendly packaging is just the tip of the iceberg. In thecoming months, consumers will experience products from us that will have a unique differentiation from what is presently available in the market,” Biyani emphasizes.

True to this statement, Future Consumer has lined up a number of other offerings that too will have Braille-friendly packaging. These will include products from various other categories, such as home care, sauces and spices.

Promoting the virtue of sharing

Future Consumer Limited (Formerly known as Future Consumer Enterprise Limited), is India’s first sourcing-to-supermarket food company by Future Group is built on the virtue of sharing, its Website claims.

The website also states that the company is built on the foundation of ‘sharing’ which is at the very essence of Indianness. Food means sharing in India. It starts at the farms where neighbors, kith and kin join hands in tilling, sowing and harvesting of crops. Women come together to further process and prepare food. Recipes are passed down as heirlooms, shared by friends and neighbors and now on television by celebrity chefs, the company website goes on to elaborate.

Starting from the seeding of food at the farm to its consumption from the plate, Future Consumer acts as a catalyst for each of its stakeholders. From sourcing, processing, retailing to the final act of consumption – Future Consumer is said to strike a widespread cord between the lives of the farmer, a factory laborer, a worker on the shop floor and the housewife. Under Future Consumer’s spectrum, the company claims to be sourcing best quality commodities from across the globe for its extensive portfolio of brands in food, Home, and Personal Care (HPC) category. 

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